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What do Quality and Service Excellence mean to us?

At ARH we know that selecting a healthcare provider is a very important choice for you and your family. That is why we strive to provide the best possible healthcare experience. As part of this process, we regularly collect data on Quality and Service Excellence within our hospitals. This information helps us improve and can also assist you with your healthcare decisions.

On the following pages, you will find key measures for which external agencies hold us accountable as well as measures that show how we are performing in key components of quality and service excellence. This information will give you a picture of how our ARH hospitals are performing in regards to clinical processes ranging from the appropriate administration of antibiotics, care for pneumonia, the measures taken for chest pain or heart failure, and how satisfied patients generally are with their experience overall.

We are presenting this information as accurately as possible and are not creating any new measures or changing the scale, format or target to make ourselves look better or worse. We want our current and future patients to have a clear picture and understanding of the quality of care we provide, what we are doing well, and in which areas we need to do better.

It is this honest reporting that has helped ARH consistently be recognized for its medical excellence, and will help us improve when and where we need to which is our goal in providing the best possible care for our communities. 

Joe Grossman
ARH President & CEO

Joe Grossman
Joe Grossman
President & CEO