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Financial Assistance for Those Unable to Pay the Full Cost of Care

ARH has a long and valued history of providing charity care to the communities it serves.

If you are unable to pay for all or part of the care you receive from our hospital, you may be eligible for free or discounted services. Please read the information below to understand:

  • How eligibility for financial assistance is determined; and
  • How to apply for financial assistance.
This information is a summary of the ARH Patient Financial Assistance Policy.
Please click here to read the policy in full.

PLEASE NOTE: Any patient seeking emergency care will be treated without regard to ability to pay.

  1. How eligibility for financial assistance is determined
    • A patient generally will qualify for a charity care write-off or reduction, if his/her income (or that of his or her family) is below levels as indicated on the Sliding Fee Scale. Please click here to access the Sliding Fee Scale.
    • In certain circumstances, ARH may, in its sole discretion, reduce or eliminate a patient’s charity care write-off due to the fact that the patient has other reasonable means of paying all or a portion of his/her bill without financial assistance.
  2. How to apply for financial assistance
    • When you are registered as a patient, we will ask about your coverage for health care services. If you don’t have coverage or it is not likely to be sufficient, we will either give you a packet of information that covers our financial assistance policy or offer the immediate assistance of a financial counselor, who will go over the financial assistance application with you.
    • You will need to complete the Financial Assistance Application form, provide all information it requests, and submit it to us. Please click here to access the Financial Assistance Application.
If it is determined you are eligible for assistance, we will notify you and let you know how much assistance is available. If it is determined you are not eligible for assistance, we will let you know and give a brief explanation of the reason.

It’s important to note that if you do not have insurance, you will not be charged more for services than the amount generally billed to those who have insurance.

If you have any questions about qualifying or applying for financial assistance, please contact the Collections Department at your treating ARH facility.