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Skilled Nursing Facility

If an illness or injury has required you to stay in the hospital for at least three day or more, you may reach a point in your recovery where you no longer need to be hospitalized yet you aren't physically able to care for yourself at home. It may be appropriate for you to receive skilled care. At the Tug Valley ARH Skilled Nursing Facility, our 50-bed skilled nursing facility offers a multidisciplinary team of caring physicians, nurses, therapists, social services and an activity coordinator who develop coordinated treatment plans for each resident to ensure that each individual receives personalized attention and comprehensive care. Our caring staff will provide services to you until your condition is stable or your rehabilitation potential is reached and you are ready to go home or to another setting.

Some examples of problems suitable for care in our Skilled Nursing Facility include:

  • Wounds that are not healing well or need special care
  • Daily IV Medications
  • Nutritional Therapy (G-tubes, NG-tubes, IV Nutrition)
  • Recovery from major illness or major surgery, hip fractures or joint replacements
  • Stroke Care and Rehabilitation
  • Many insurances will cover the cost of care in our Skilled Facility if your care needs meet their established criteria. We accept Medicare, KY Medicaid, and many private insurances.

For more information about the Tug Valley ARH Skilled Nursing Facility call, 606-237-1725.