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Thank you for visiting  the “For Physicians” section of our website which is dedicated to providing useful information to members of our medical staffs.  

Appalachian Regional Healthcare is committed to safe, quality, compassionate care. I believe that begins with the healthcare professionals who provide that care working together with the entire team of people that make up the essence of ARH as we provide excellent care to each patient every time. I hope this site will be of help in enhancing physician leadership in each hospital community and in strengthening physician/management communication.

On this site we have included items of particular interest to physicians like Physician Portal. We have included access to the ARH clinical guidelines and to Clinical Key and Thomson Micromedex, critical sources of clinical and pharmaceutical information as well as patient education information. We have included information for physicians who are interested in considering one of our ARH locations as well as an archive of ARH Physician Newsletters.

These tools are here for your use. I hope you find them useful.